About Us who we are and what we do


we are acting industry leaders and life coatch

We have both experience in the life coach and acting industry, we understand our clients needs, and adjust us to the three major trends in the Bollywood, Hollywood and Nollywood acting industry.

We continuously invest in valued based solutions as part of our client service, as in order to make our clients stay competitive in the market. We offer affordable knowledge to pursue a life long career in acting industry.


Smarter solutions mean that we work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and then offer a solution which is best suited and most cost efficient for them.

At Actorswood we keep our customers ahead, we understand the requirements in the market. At the same time, we guarantee the high quality of services across all areas.

Our vision is to be a preferred business acting partner and we stay updated with the latest market trends so that we can deliver our best. This is a standard we have to set, for our high demanding clients.


We help actors to manage their everyday life with our solutions. Either you´re an actor, writer, producer, director or even agent or company, this app is for you. You can manage, track, analyze anything that is happning about you in the film industry career and bases on that, take vital decisions about your acting career path, finding out errors and problems and getting their solutions. You can manage contacts, do rehearsal for scripts, keep track of your auditions and callbacks, identify yourself, market and brand yourself, handle your gym routine and workouts, plan your goals about personal and acting career, manage financial metters, plan your budgets and goals for your finance and even more. Be alert about current & upcoming activities

who is behind actorswood

Eloi Harison

Eloi Harison is a freelancing actor and life coach. he has been working as a life coach since he stoped working as human resources and recruiter in 2008. Later in his life he started developing his acting craft after years as a life coach. He did found that most acting school lack the necessary business acting skills during his years in school, from his coaching knowledge he started to design the program called actorswood

Now today he feels proud on the innovative cross platform app being launched that runs well as web, android and ios. He looks forward beyond to come up with more innovative and intellectual ideas in future.